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Top 10 Fitness Tips To Keep You Healthy During the Pandemic

Your body will love you for it!

Whether you are a beginner just getting into a workout regimen (congratulations!) or a workout guru, tips to improve your exercise can be essential. Your workout routine should be fluid, smartly done, and leave you feeling confident about yourself.

Let's be honest here; there are many ways to go about toning your body, shedding a few pounds, or just working out to be healthy. But the best results come from working smart and getting the most out of each session.

Below are ten proven tips to maximize your workout!


Ditch Pre-workout stretches for a light jog!


Woman Jogging Fitness Pandemic

Contrary to proper belief, stretching is not an ideal pre-workout activity. Pre-workout stretches can increase the risk of injury when you are working out and might even make you sleepy.

Stretching also lowers your heart's BPM and does not stimulate your nervous system enough to prepare you for high-intensity workouts.

Instead, a light jog or a bit of cardiovascular activity is more suitable for a productive session.

Short Bursts are Better

Yes, you read that right. Short workout bursts can provide better results than longer high-intensity workouts.

Studies have shown that just 15 minutes of a high-intensity workout can even lead to better results than a two hour session. The reason why is short-intensity workouts burn fat faster, boost your cardiovascular health, and create muscle-building hormones.

Also, longer exercises generally end with you eating more afterward because of a bigger appetite as opposed to smaller ones.

Avoid Working Out on an Empty Stomach

While working out on an empty has its benefits, it also has some huge downsides. High-Intensity exercises without food lead to lightheadedness and breakdown of muscle mass.

While our bodies break down muscles naturally to build them back stronger, doing so while dieted makes it tougher to recover the lost muscle mass.

Exercise while on an empty stomach also can lead to another problem. While you could get through a workout on an empty stomach, you would not have the energy to push yourself harder. You will likely be unable to perform at the same standard as if you would have if eaten.


Adding Variety To Your Routine

The most important tip you can get! Adding variety prevents you from plateauing in your workout as your body gets conditioned to the type of training you are doing overtime.

Having a diverse workout plan prevents the body from coping and getting used to the same old workout.

It can also help spice up your workout plan, and you build muscle mass all over your body!

Protein, Water, and Carbs are your Best Friends.

The holy grail for working out is adding more protein, water, and carbs to your diet. Let me break it down for you (pun not intended).

Hydration includes getting the appropriate amount of water for pre-workout, during, and after exercise.

Water helps to transport nutrients, give you energy and keep you healthy. It also regulates your body temperature and lubricates your joints.

Carbohydrates and Proteins not only give you the energy you need for an intense workout, but they also promote recovery and muscle growth.

A small post-workout snack like a protein bar or shake can increase the impact of your exercise routine while conditioning your body to recover and plan for the next session.

Sleep is Essential

Sleeping gives your body time to recover, conserve energy, and repair and build up the muscles worked on during exercise.

Quality sleep before you hit the gym increases your workout performance drastically and subconsciously assists you in choosing the right food for your diet.

Wear the right clothes 

The most important tip of them all! Wearing the right clothes for your workout, whether yoga, cycling, or other forms of being active, is crucial to your fitness. 

Believe it or not, the clothes you wear can affect improve performance. Be sure to train in lightweight, dry-fit, skin-safe clothing that lets you feel beautiful! Your sportswear should also make you feel comfortable, relax, and express who you are as a person. 

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Music may be your Motivation.

It is no secret that music puts you in a better mood, but did you know it has a massive impact on your workout as well? 

According to Science Direct, Motivational music enhanced the effect and enjoyment of sprint interval training (SIT). Upbeat music also allows you to concentrate on your workout while makes it easier for you to put in more effort and time as time speeds up.

Always listen to your body.

Listening to your body often prevents you from having an injury, which may cause you to be out a couple of weeks or longer. 

It also helps you to know when to push harder and when you need a little downtime and makes for a healthy routine!


Warm Down After your Workout

Imagine going from 120 mph to zero in the space of a couple of seconds. Bad right? That is what happens when we do not warm down. It can also damage your body over time. 

How do you warm down after a workout? A slow cardiovascular exercise such as running, slowing your breathing, and hydrating can assist with this feat.

Also, having a cold shower after warming down does help your muscles to recover. It can also heighten your body's ability to bounce back and be ready for your next workout. 

That is because showering can decrease the amount of lactic acid (the chemical that causes muscle soreness) in your body).


Bonus Tip - Focus on your Form with the heaviest possible.

Use the heaviest weight possible to work more muscles in less time, making them efficient and advantageous for weight loss.



As everybody is different, so could their workout style and routine. The best thing is to choose what workout style is right for you, apply these tips, and reap all the rewards.


Which of these exercising tips are you going to use to improve your workout? Let us know!

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