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How Puerto Rico and its People are Taking over the World

Ney Perez | Nov 05, 20
Over the years Puerto Rico has developed some of the best individuals to represent our culture. From Bad Bunny and Daddy Yankee...
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Giovanne Robb | Oct 19, 20
Top 5 Sportswear Trends to look Fabulous for Fall 2020
Fall sports fashion started with a bang! Sportswear has pretty much taken over the fashion industry as more people are working from home. These at...
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Alberto Semprun | Nov 20, 18
Active Wear for Women's Motivation

Okay, let’s take this exercise together.

Pick any women’s magazine, flick through the pages and look for a picture of a woman in active wear. Can you tell what she does look like?

No, don’t tell me what she does look like. I already know.

She’s lithe. She’s sleek. She’s elegant. Also, she’s probably engaging in a cardio activity in a stylish tank top, compression pants with zip pockets, colored patterns, and overlays. Also, she’s likely meshed in a bead of sweats.

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Daniel Torres | Apr 30, 18
The Rising Trend of Athleisure among Urban Women

The Rising Trend of Athleisure among Urban Women

As more and more women – especially the millennials, continue to trade in their revered high heels for a pair of sporty, casual sneakers, it’s evident that the athleisure trend has come to stay. With athleisure, the hitherto obsolete juicy tracksuits and the baseball caps that used to look "boyish" are now beginning to fill up the front windows of fashion stores.

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