Active Wear for Women's Motivation

Nov 20, 18

Active Wear for Women's Motivation

Okay, let’s take this exercise together.

Pick any women’s magazine, flick through the pages and look for a picture of a woman in active wear. Can you tell what she does look like?

No, don’t tell me what she does look like. I already know.

She’s lithe. She’s sleek. She’s elegant. Also, she’s probably engaging in a cardio activity in a stylish tank top, compression pants with zip pockets, colored patterns, and overlays. Also, she’s likely meshed in a bead of sweats.

In another picture, she looks beautiful in her simple-looking pair of sneakers, colorful elastic pants, a streamlined vest and a luxury sunshade.

No, I’m not a mind reader. But it doesn’t take superpowers to identify women who have embraced a healthy lifestyle and are always motivated by what they wear.

The Science behind Fashion-Induced Motivation

For most women, putting on wears that make them comfortable and feel good about themselves may well be perceived as an effort in futility. But that's not true as the psychological effects are overwhelming. In fact, there is a theory which suggests that the mental performance of an individual can be profoundly influenced by the kind of cloth the individual wears.

The theory is called Enclothed Cognition.




Of course, it doesn't mean that people – especially women, can't perform well when they don't put on the latest activewear. However, we can give our motivation a real boost by adorning wears that get the brain ready for the day's activities. In this case, activewear makes us aware of our own body in respect to our strength and fluidity.

That is why Joshua Ian Davis, the Director of Research at The NeuroLeadership Institute, explains that “form-fitting workout clothes make you feel like your muscles are stronger. If your clothes are comfortable, you’ll have a greater sense of fluency about your movement.”

What that means is that “If you’re in clothing you associate with running fast or lifting heavier weights, your brain signals you to embody those qualities, giving you a psychological push to work a little harder,” Joshua declared.

Meanwhile, there's a body of research to prove that women can tap motivation from the clothes they wear. In fact, according to a study conducted by Female for Life, more than 87% of the women who took the survey admitted wearing comfortable and flattering clothes like activewear made them always stay motivated.

No, there’s absolutely nothing wrong with adorning oversized tops and uninspiring jean pants. If it makes you feel good about yourself, that’s great! But for most other ladies, they’ve derived a whole new level of motivation from adorning active wear.

Now, isn’t that powerful?

When it comes finding motivation as women, the choice lies with us finding what works best for us. But if we're able to find it in the garments that we put on, it only makes it more exciting. After all, we all deserve to always feel positive about ourselves.


Active Wear Ideas for Women Looking For Motivation

If you're just embracing the active wear trend, then it could be a bit confusing at first. Meanwhile, it'd be fun when there are exciting ideas to choose from. And regardless your size or age, there’s the perfect active wear combination for you.

Here are a few pointers on what to buy as you seek to increase your dose of motivation via the active wear trend.

#1 Soft Tops

Invest in tops that let you show off your sassy side. Lately, many organizations have relaxed their workplace dress code, and now you can wear your active wear to work. A well-fitted top gives you a more extensive range of motion to cover the activities of the day.

#2 Wear Figure-Flattering Pants Only

Skinny leggings that taper seem to be a popular choice among most women, but there are other options as well. If you have an envious figure around the waist, a pair of pants with a slight flare is a better option over a straight leg pant. The flare helps pack the hips and announce the curves.

#3 Wear Streamlined Clothes

To join the active wear team, you have to drop your big or oversized clothes. Your active wear should perfectly glide over your body. The outfit has to be fitted but make sure it's not tight.

#4 Look Out For Nice Pair of Sneakers

Sneakers are really a great way of showing off your personality. For someone who's looking for motivation, you may want to buy a pair of sneakers that match several of your outfits. Also, if you like, you could go for something wild and fun. Either way, you'll certainly feel good about the way you look and be ready to take on any activity.

#5 Go For Bright Color

Color indicates style and energy. Also, it has a psychological effect on the wearer. If you want to feel pumped up, go for purple, orange, pink or bright red. But if you'd like to cool down a bit, then go for blue or pastels. A combination of colorful wear, no doubt, makes any woman feel special.

The black color is usually recommended for below the belt. However, if you prefer to wear a black top or from head to toe, then you may want to wear a cute, colorful athletic jacket on top. The jacket can be pulled off if you need to visit the grocery store or make a long walk.

Active wear which are always comfortable and fun lets women stay motivated to achieve their various goals. Apart from looking better, you'll feel healthier as well.



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