How Puerto Rico and its People are Taking over the World

Nov 05, 20

How Puerto Rico and its People are Taking over the World

"Parades, Patriotism and Puerto Ricans" name a better trio. I will wait!

If you ask a stranger, "What do you think about Puerto Ricans?" no doubt his answer will be our patriotism. We love our country, our culture, fashion, and we carry that pride wherever we are around the world (a bit easy, to be honest).

From fashion choices to Miss Worlds and parades, Puerto Ricans have commanded these industries in 2020 just by putting our culture on display.

The Parades

As a Boricua living on the mainland, the most exciting part is getting ready for the "National Puerto Rican Day Parade." Seventh Avenue in New York, Humboldt Park in Chicago, along with other major cities, are flocked with Puerto Ricans every summer.

We use this as a means to promote and celebrate the culture, art, and values of the Puerto Rican community while also showing off our high fashion taste.

The Puerto Rican Flag was on full display at multiple events around the city. Then there were these beauties!  

Lady In Preciosa Legging PR Day Parade


Premium high-quality leggings were the talk of the Chicago parade as we enjoyed and celebrated our culture. These sleek designs were not only marvelous but flexible.


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Reminiscing on Life in Puerto Rico

 No matter how far you are from the motherland, Puerto Rico will always have a place in our hearts.

We want to return to our native land to smell the fresh air, visit family, or feel like we are one with our nation again. 


Puerto Rican Town

Life in Puerto Rico has always been excellent. Let's be honest here, we all miss the tropical sunshine as much as we hate the cruel, unforgiving winter of the north. The sandy beaches, the generous abuelas, the warm weather all give you the feeling as if your home.


Puerto Ricans Conquering All

Hit song after hit song after hit song! Puerto Rico is completely dominating the music industry on a global level. Reggaetón is alive thanks to artists like Daddy Yankee and Bad Bunny. Songs such as Despacito by Daddy Yankee and Fonsi are also being played every day. 


What makes it even more amazing is how they choose to film the music video in La Perla Puerto Rico! Amazing isn't it?

La Perla, PR


Let us not forget about the Miss Universe Pageant.


Puerto Rico is one of the most successful competitors in the history of the Miss Universe pageant, having won FIVE TIMES, starting with Marisol Malaret (Miss Puerto Rico) in 1970. With Zuleyka Rivera being the last one in 2006.


Zulekya Rivera/Miss World/
Since then the Cayey native has represented Puerto Rico proudly. After winning the most famed beauty pageant, Zulekya expressed her wishes of becoming an actress and went on to star in 5 television series and films.

PS. We did the search so you don't have to!

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As someone living on the mainland, I always carry on what embodies in me - the Puerto Rican way of life. From El Morro to Ponce, Puerto Rico in itself is a gem of land we should treasure. What makes you a proud Boricua? Let us know!


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