About Us

We were born in the mind of a trainer who has tasked himself in finding the reason why women in the gym he worked, were so distracted and didn't achieve their goals. He wanted to discover the reason why so many women felt insecure about themselves. He would often hear complaints about how the clothes they wore didn't make them feel good, how they kept buying a lot in a short period because the fabric became worn down, or there were no pretty designs or a variety of styles to reflect their personality, or it just made them feel unkempt because their clothes didn't suit the places they had to go next.


All this deconcentrated them when they came to training, and their performance severely decreased. They did not feel pretty nor self-confident, so they did not achieve the results they wanted.


Our most important mission lies with every brave and beautiful woman who puts her soul in what she does and does not always understand what is happening in her inner world.


Our exclusive designs evoke women who stand out for their elegance wherever they go, who love to exercise and take care of themselves 24 hours a day. They're made to step hard and distinguish you wherever you are.


Ropa Deportiva PRunderstands modern women, that is why we are more than a store. We are a brand that wishes to transform the vision that women have about themselves. We firmly believe that when you succeed in loving and accepting yourself as you are, you have the power to change the world around you.


Our vision is to create a community of confident women who learn how to love and accept each other every day, to empower and accompany them to achieve their goals.






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